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This August, the Network would be remiss to not reflect on the senseless killing of Breonna Taylor, and the many other victims of police aggression and brutality. In light of this frustrating and damning time, we would like to dedicate our online exhibit and resource section to petitions you can sign to help make a difference. In this edition of the JAAN Newsletter, you will also find information on conferences, professional appointments, recent scholarship, and historical events. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page and help us grow our organization! 

You can click here to learn more about Breonna Taylor and the events that led to her senseless and untimely death. 

Click here to sign a petition to support the arrest of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor. 

You can click here to learn more about Elijah McClain. 

And here you can sign a petition to support reforms made in Elijah's honor. 



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